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Problems that appear in marital relationships at couples in the UK

If we talk about the UK, we definitely talk about high standards of living in all its aspects. Uk seems to be a realm of all possibilities. But unfortunately, life's not perfect. Even that well known English patience can be ,,bothered” by certain parts of marital relationships.

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British people face problems in their personal life. British couples are not always as we see them in movies. That perfect picture ain't real.

First of all, British people do not appreciate monogamy. They even honestly admit that they've cheated at least once. Most men are in favour of legalized prostitution. Of course, these things can't be good for a long term, healthy relationship. On the other hand, they disagree with homosexual manifestations, of any kind.

Secondly, studies show that women in the UK prefer erotic literature, detrimental to a ,,for real” relationship. That can't be good. Women have become very demanding regarding sexual life. Even if English men have that certain touch of style and they are open minded, sometimes they can be hard to reach, in all ways.

If we take London for example, people are very busy, all the time. They do not have time to ,,grow” their personal life as in a long lasting couple. In London, people are busy experiencing. There they can find everything they want, any hour, day or night. But as tempting as it seems, they also lose track of time, of life, of love and sex.

Other reasons for problems in marital life are represented by jealousy, bad habits, boredom and self-interest. After all, British or not, we are all human. Men and women are educated to want more; more from life, more from each other. Sometimes things just don't turn out to be right. You got to try all the time to make things interesting, exciting.

A typical English man is well educated, a gentleman, but would still go for a one night stand rather than serious commitment. They often care too much about appearances. And even if they commit, someday, they are still tempted to cheat.

As a conclusion, let's say that the high level of life in the UK could lead to a degradation of privacy. People tend to become shallow and uninspired in their relationship. Marriage? Love? Well, let's hope it's like the song, ,,go together like a horse and carriage.”