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Who Loves it more? Erotic Story

Before I cum again I'll make him eat my pussy til I squirt all over his face. Then I'll get back on him and ride him harder and harder while he strikes my ass with an open palm and pulls my hair calling me a dirty fucking whore as I scream fuck me fuck me fuck me, thrashing my pelvis into his; and as he's about to cum I start sucking him again and telling him that I want him to cum all over my face so he can watch me wipe it with my hands and lick it off of them like melted ice cream!… I could sense he was ready by the fiery look in his eyes. We shared an intense look then he and I jumped up. I kneeled down on the floor and began rubbing my boobs. He jerked his cock, dangling it over my supple breasts as I moaned and pleaded for his cum. “I want to taste

“I want to taste you, baby… your taste is insatiable, I want more” sticking my tongue out desperately trying to keep up with his bobbing head full of juices. One last stroke over the head and he released the largest amount of cum he ever let fly; Even more than when he was alone in the living room. He seemed to be as shocked as I was. It hit me in the mouth and ran down my neck; tracing the drips that dribbled off my chin with my tongue. I became cum thirsty and briefly caught myself racing to soak up every last drop, before dripping across my breasts and down my navel. Some kept going and stopped at my bare waistline. I slid my fingers down and spread his liquids over my clit and into my pussy. First one finger then two… my hips reared and swivelled as I clung to my pussy, tossing my head back.

I let out a guttural moan as I twisted his sweet cream around my nipples and groped my drizzling tits. Finally, I came to. “W0W babe that was awesome!” I squealed as I noticed more of it trickle off the tips of her boobs and hit the floor. As soon as I was done, she violently grabbed my cock and sucked the rest out of me, licking my cock clean. She scooped some off of her tits and sucked it her fingertips dry, one by one. I was entranced by the movements of her hands, fingers of an Egyptian dancer with a sweet giggling demeanour. I gotta say she sucked like a champ. Running her tongue up and down my shaft, playing with my peephole with her tongue, tickling my balls with her free hand, the other one still occupied with my cock. I could feel her drool running down my balls. She was making slurping sounds as she sucked. Every now and then, she would pull up and rub her tits across my cock wrapping them around him fleeing up and down chasing for the top each time it peeped out of her fascinating boobie cave. I'm mean, This woman was like a machine!

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